In the group's project, we are trying to figure out if fingerprints are hereditary. We will be carefully taking our own prints and our family members prints to compare if they are or if they are not hereditary. Each thumb will be fingerprinted and photographed with the name of each person. We learned many things in this project, while learning that fingerprints are hereditary.

(Photo to the left is Shelby's thumbprint, submitted by Cassie; Created in Picnik)


1. Collect all materials that are needed for this experiment.
2. Gather your family members together in one spot.
3. Wash their hands as clean as possible with soap and water (or whatever is around.)
4. Grab the ink pad and press firmly the thumb of the person who is getting their prints done first.
5. Take a note card with the person's name on it and gently roll their thumb side to side on the note card.
6. Repeat with other thumb.
7. Have the person wash their hands to try to get most of the ink off.
8. Repeat steps 3-7 until all family members have completed their printing.


Our group concluded that fingerprints are hereditary. We found this out by comparing the fingerprints of the parents, siblings, and the group members fingerprints togetheri in their own family group. We saw a similarity in the shape of the prints and we all decided that they were hereditary.

Safty Hazards

I. If any sign of allergic reaction, be prepared to seek medical attention
II. Be sure to completely wash your hands as thoroughly as you can before and after the experiment.
III. Do no eat or if using finger, do not rub eyes.
IV. Use common sense.